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Grilled Delmonico Steaks

Valentine’s Day is here—never fear I have a great way for all of you men to score BIG points with the women in your life.  Grill her a Delmonico steak tomorrow night.  Delmonico steaks are also called “boneless ribeyes”.  To really make this painless these steaks are being featured at $9.99# at your local meat […]

Smoked Pork Chops

Smoked Pork Chops are a great selection for dinner.  Why?  You might ask.  I’ll tell you why.  The Butcher has done all of the hard work for you and you will get all the credit.  That works for me every time!  I paired my Smoked Pork Chops with pork and sauerkraut, smashed garlic red potatoes […]

Oven Fried Chicken

This is such a gloomy day in May. I am feeling the need for some comfort food. I don’t have to go too far to feel the “love” when I make oven fried chicken. Put potatoes in the oven, make a salad and you have a meal fit for a king–or at least a Butcher […]

Banana Pancakes–Paleo style!

My customers give me the best tips. One of my customers told me about banana pancakes. I am sorry I can’t remember who it was or I would give him proper credit. He told me he mashed up a banana and mixed eggs with it, and poured them and cooked them and voila–banana pancakes. I […]

Hash Brown Quiche

I came across a recipe for quiche with a hash brown crust. I was intrigued. I knew this would work well with the Paleo lifestyle. I made it on Friday and I have been enjoying a piece every morning for breakfast. I know you would be able to change this up by substituting bacon or […]

Barbecue Chicken

Sometimes, you have to go back to the basics.  Ask any ball player.  You have to have the fundamentals before you can go to the next level.  How about Barbecue 101?  It doesn’t get any easier–or better than this!    Barbecue Chicken 3 whole bone-in chicken breasts (cut in half) Your local butcher shop will be […]

Saving a Blowfish

As most of you know, the Butcher and I just returned form a respite in Mexico.  If you notice, there were no pictures sent while we were in Mexico.  There are 2 reasons for this.  First, I have an insurance background, you don’t advertise that you are out-of-town, and  you don’t rub it in when […]

Foolproof Baked Ham

I want to go on record as saying this is the easiest, best ham you will ever eat.  Start with a good ham.  At the local meat market your ham will be smoked on premises and will be table ready; However even if you get the ham from the butcher shop you will want to heat it […]

Paleo Cheesecake

For my son’s birthday he decided he wanted cheesecake.  My first thought was that I wanted to be able to eat the cheesecake.  I had already looked at the Walnut Creek Cream Cheese that we carry in our Meat Market.  There was nothing in the ingredients that would keep me from cooking with cream cheese. […]

Zucchini Pizza Crust with Fresh Herbs

Are you enjoying the summer?  I am.  I got to play tennis this morning so I am a happy camper.  I also got to have pizza last week.  What a treat.  I didn’t even have to cheat.  Even if you are not doing Paleo or have to eat Gluten free you will like this pizza. […]