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Christmas Fudge

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  The snow outside really makes it feel like Christmas is right around the corner.  My “Claim to Fame” at Christmas is my Chex Party Mix and my fudge.  Many people are intimidated about making fudge. Today I am sharing a recipe for “no fail” fudge. One batch […]

Home-made Christmas gifts

Even though it is raining outside–the calendar says it is December the 6th. That means Christmas is less than 3 weeks away. Gift giving is a nice tradition. I like gifts from the heart and sometimes gifts from the hands. I enjoy cooking so it is easy to “make” Christmas gifts for family and friends. […]

Biscotti for the Butcher’s Wife

Last week the Butcher’s wife was a little under the weather. I did yard work on Monday, and paid for it dearly the rest of the week. I had itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, and then no voice. It was not a fun week last week. There was one really bright spot. My neighbors, Dr. Mike […]

Fantastic Fudge For the Holidays

I really do make a mean batch of fudge.  It is my claim to fame.  Don’t ask me to make pie crusts.  I don’t care how “fool proof” the recipe is, I can’t make them.  I am not afraid to tackle fudge.  It really is easy, and I am going to share my recipe with […]