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Lemon Meringue Pie

This is my sister Fredda’s Birthday week.  She is my older sister.  You can’t pick your family, but there is no way I could have picked a better sister.  Anyone that knows her will concur with that statement.  She gives so much of herself all the time.  You know the saying if you get lemons, […]

Taco Pie

How about an easy breezy dish that will keep them coming back for more? This can be put together in 10 minutes and will cook in 20 minutes.  I do recommend that you pre-cook the pie crust before you fill it. Another great tip is to cook up Extra lean ground beef with taco seasoning […]

Coconut Cream Pie

We just got in sweetened coconut at our market.  I could not wait to make Coconut cream pie.  One thing about making Coconut Cream pie–once you start there is no turning back.  You must cook the filling and cover it immediately with meringue and bake in the oven. Whew.  I can’t wait to try this […]

Easy Paleo Pumpkin Pie

It’s been a while since I have given you an update on my Paleo lifestyle. I feel great and my weight is between 112 and 114 pounds on any given day.  I have been following this plan since May 1st.  I do go off a little; However, I would say I am 85% Paleo in […]