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Easter Ham

Whatever your Easter tradition–we do it all.  Between lamb and ham, pigs and goats there is not just one Easter tradition.  One of the traditions I grew up with is Easter ham.  I am giving you a simple way to make your Easter ham.  You do not want anything too complicated.  Cherish the time you […]

Potato Salad–Butcher’s Wife style

Here we are ready to enter July. It is hard to believe the 4th is this coming week-end. It looks like the weather is going to cooperate. If you have time, this is an excellent potato salad recipe. If you are running out of time, I have your back. I have ordered in a great […]

Memorial Day

I can not believe Memorial Day is here already.  When I was younger I always marched in the Memorial Day Parade, first as a Girl Scout and later in the band.  It was always a very solemn occasion.  Though I think of grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad and watermelon on Memorial Day, […]

Southern Green Beans with Potatoes

As many of you know, I am a southern girl at heart.  Born in Texas and raised by a mother transplanted from the south–it is a natural thing.  When we make green beans, we make green beans.  No worries about anyone starving to death.  I made some last week and wanted to share with some […]

Is It Fall?

Did I sleep through summer?  It sure feels like Fall outside.  I was going to grill hamburgers and hotdogs outside tonight; However, with the weather the way it is, the Butcher is getting Bean Soup and Corn Bread.  He is not complaining.  I was born in Texas, so Beans and Corn Bread were a staple […]

Celebration Baked Beans

Good morning! See what happens when you procastinate? You end up writing your blog before you go to work at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. That’s ok. We had an exciting week. This week was The Butcher’s 50th High School reunion. A shout out to everyone who worked to make the celebration of Norton High School’s […]

Gluten Free Goodies

Last week I posted about a delicious breakfast casserole.  I had a group of people over this morning, and I found out yesterday that one of my guests has to eat gluten free meals.  I converted the breakfast casserole into a gluten free casserole and it was delicious.  I am posting the gluten free version […]

Time for Comfort Food

Fall is certainly in the air.  I do enjoy the crisp feel of the air, and I love to see the brilliant colors of the trees.  As the air gets cooler, it is time to think about the foods that warm us from the inside out.  Today I am sharing a very simple recipe for […]