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Cheesy Taco dip with black beans

We went to a Memorial Day gathering yesterday. I was going to make Taco Salad but I found out another one of my friends had already committed to make a Taco Salad.  I decided to make a Taco Dip with Black Beans. It was delicious. Another tradition has been started. Cheesy Taco Dip with Black […]

Appetizer–Mexican Style

Well here it is, Saturday morning, and I hadn’t posted my blog yet. I have ideas. My problem is photos–or lack of them. If you follow Mike Vrobel, www.dadcooksdinner.com, (I recommend you do) you will see the most amazing photos. I make a dinner, I dig in and then I realize I haven’t photographed it […]

Sherman Provision Chicken Fajitas Recipe

The Butcher and I just returned from Mexico.  It was a glorious vacation, and all I can think of is Mexican dishes.  Tonight I cooked him the Chicken Fajitas.  They were delicious.  I also made Spanish Rice to go with it.  I did the very quick version.  I took 2 cups of the uncooked  Brown Instant […]