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Sherman Provision is a family-owned business steeped in history and tradition.

Started in 1950 by Mike and Sophie O’Brodo, Sherman Provision has always stood for quality meats at an affordable price. The meats are purchased weekly at the livestock auctions in Amish country, and made ready for our customers. The tradition continues today with affordable prices, quality products. We pride ourselves on great value in a warm, friendly environment. We stock spices, International groceries, cheeses and lunchmeats from Walnut Creek Foods, and you will still find Vida’s homemade noodles on our shelves.


We make our own sausage every week. We have Mild Italian, Hot Italian, country-style and our signature, Hungarian Garlic Sausage. Call in your order for sausage so you will have just what you want. We custom cut all of our pork to your specifications. We have fresh and frozen pork loins, which can be cut into pork chops and pork steaks. We have boneless pork loins. We also carry fresh side, pork butts, pork shoulders, pork ribs, baby back ribs, ground pork, etc. In other words, if it’s on a pig—we have it. We also specialize in roasting pigs of all sizes.

Call 330-825-2711 to place your order for your next get-together today!

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ShermanProvision is BEEF! We specialize in high-quality aged Amish country raised beef! Our beef is slaughtered fresh and we have all your favorite cuts of meat. We have front and hind quarters available along with sides of beef for your freezer. We ask that you call us at 330.825.2711 and place your order at least one week in advance. We also specialize in fresh veal. Veal is available by half or whole, so place your order today!

Our steaks are phenomenal. We have T-bones, New York Strips, Porterhouse, Sirloin, Ribeyes, Club and Round steaks. You can order a filet mignon by the piece. We will trim it, cut it to your specifications and grind the trimmings, so there is no waste. We are home of the “Big Boy” Roast. Other favorites include English cut, Chuck and Rump roasts. We also carry Beef Briskets for smoking. Baby Beef liver is another big seller.. Our most popular beef products is undoubtedly our ground beef. We have two varieties of ground beef, extra-lean (ground steak) and our regular ground beef. We offer bulk pricing for our ground beef. We combine the extra-lean ground beef and regular ground beef for the best hamburger patties around—just ask our customers! Our hamburger patties will make you the most popular griller among family and friends.

Call 330-825-2711 or stop in today and see our fabulous fresh beef!

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Poultry is a big part of the selection in our meat cases at Sherman Provision. We have whole fryers, roasters, chicken breasts, (bone-in and boneless-skinless), chicken legs, wings, chicken gizzards, and chicken livers. We also have frozen duck available. We have bulk pricing on many of our chicken products, including breasts, wings and legs.

Call 330-825-2711 or stop in today at Sherman’s and let us meat your needs!

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