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Breakfast Sausage 
$4.29 a pound

Hot Italian Sausage
$3.99 a pound

Sweet Italian Sausage
$3.99 a pound

Hungarian Sausage
$3.99 a pound

Butcher’s Wife Sausage / Marriage between Hot Italian and Hungarian Sausage 
$3.99 a pound


All Natural Casings

Size 32 to 35, hank (makes 125 pounds) 

Size 32 to 35, Home-pack (makes 25 pounds) 

Salami Casings/Beef (Rounds or Middles) 
$9.00 a pound

We have bulk spices for your own sausage recipes. We have prepackaged mixes for Hot Italian sausage, Sweet Italian sausage, Andouille sausage and Breakfast sausage.

We will be having a sausage making classes with the Butcher, Michael OBrodo. Further details will be forthcoming.


Ground Beef 
$4.19 a pound

5 pounds or more 
$3.75 a pound

10 pounds or more 
$3.50 a pound

Extra Lean Ground Beef 
$5.29 a pound

4 pounds or more 
$4.50 a pound

Beef Stew Meat 
$6.99 a pound

Round-Bone Roasts 
$4.99 a pound

English Cut Roasts 
$4.99 a pound

Beef Brisket (by the piece
$4.99 a pound

Beef Brisket  trimmed $6.49 a pound


$10.49 pound

$9.99 a pound

$9.99 a pound

$10.99 a pound

Semi-Boneless Rib 
$9.99 a pound

Beef Tenderloin   (by the whole piece) $16.99 a pound.  We will trim your Tenderloin and grind the trims.

Please call our store for bulk pricing on steaks.

Beef for the Freezer

Whole Beef (approximately 600 pounds) 
$3.29 a pound

Side of Beef (approximately 300 pounds) 
$3.29 a pound

Hind or Front Quarter (approx. 150 pounds) 
$3.39 a pound

Call for pricing.  Pricing based on market value.

Veal is available.  Call to place your order for a whole or half.


Whole Wings 
$3.29 a pound
Bulk pricing (approx. 10 pounds) 
$2.75 a pound

Party Wings  $3.59 a pound

Bulk Pricing  (10 pounds or more) $3.09 a pound

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts 
$3.49 a pound
10 Pounds or more $2.75 a pound

Boneless Skinless 5 oz. Chicken Breast Filets  (5 pound bag)  $4.29 a pound

Bone-in Chicken Breasts 
$2.49 a pound

Bulk pricing (approx. 10 pounds) 
$2.29 a pound

Chicken legs and thighs 
$1.79 a pound
         Bulk Pricing 10 pounds or more

Boneless Skinless Thighs  $2.29 a pound

4 pounds or more 
Whole Fryers 
$1.79 a pound

$1.49 a pound

Chicken Liver 
$1.49 a pound


Ground Pork 
$3.50 a pound

4 pounds or more 
$2.75 a pound

Pork Butts 
$2.99 a pound

Whole Bone-In Pork Loins 
$2.69 a pound

Half Bone-In Pork Loins 
$2.79 a pound

Center Cut Pork Chops 
$3.99 a pound

Whole Boneless Pork Loins 
$3.99 a pound

Boneless Pork Chops 
$4.49 a pound

Fresh Hams 
$2.29 a pound

Fresh Pork Shoulders 
$2.49 a pound

Fresh Side 
$3.69 a pound

$3.19 a pound

Carcass Hogs

Cut for the freezer; meat smoked 
$2.10 a pound

Pigs of all size for roasting—call for pricing and to place your order.


Smokies (all beef) $8.99 a pound

Smokies (beef and pork mixed) $7.99 a pound

Butcher’s Wife Snack Sticks (all pork) $6.99 a pound

$5.79 a pound

Slab Bacon (by the piece
$5.49 a pound

Jowl Bacon 
$3.25 a pound

Smoked Saugage 
$4.99 a pound

Smoked Spare Ribs 
$3.99 a pound

Smoked Pork Hocks 
$2.49 a pound

Smoked Ham Shanks 
$2.69 a pound

Canadian Bacon 
$4.99 a pound

Cottage Hams 
$4.99 a pound

Boneless Hams 
$4.79 a pound

Bone-In Hams 
$3.79 a pound

Smoked Neck Bones 
$1.99 a pound

Hickory Wood Chips (40 pound bag


Lambs and Goats are available by special order.