At Sherman Provision our first priority is our customers. We could talk about them all day and what they like about our store, or why they go to the lengths they do to shop at Sherman, but we thought it would be better if you heard it from them…

Sherman Meats is an incredible discovery in the sea of food retail stores to choose from in Northern Ohio. Such a gem of store and one you should not miss. As one who cooks for large groups, the quality and freshness of meats and service is so wonderful to find in this day and age. From the smoked bacon, to the seasoned Hog, to the fresh ground natural beef, the spectacular ribs, succulent Chicken, wonderful steaks, and all the other specialty items, why would you go anywhere else? It is so refreshing to find people who truly love their customers and care so much for them. The value one receives at Sherman’s cannot be matched by the big box stores. It is definitely worth the drive!

Todd Gilbreth – Founder, Sidney’s Steak Rub


Since we have been buying meat at Sherman Provision, our boys, ages 3, 11, and 14 won’t eat meat from anywhere else. In fact, if we have meat from anywhere else they tell us this isn’t from Sherman Provision. Even our kids can tell the difference!

Charles and Starr Smith


We love the quality and selection at Sherman Provision. We love to shop at Sherman Provision. It is so much more than just a meat market. Sherman Provision has the best tasting meat my family has ever had.

Dave and Jen Frisby


I have been coming to Sherman Provision for 2 years. When I went to grocery stores I struggled to survive. When I come to Sherman Provision I not only survive, I have leftovers.

Dawn, from Akron


My wife and I first went into Sherman Provision two years ago, when I moved to the area. The first thing I remember is the wonderful aroma of the smoked meats, second are the incredible prices and third, the customer service. With exceptional service, great quality and regular prices better than other’s sale prices, we have used Sherman Provision as our primary store for meats, dairy, spices and other delicious treats.

The Stewart’s


My friends told me about Sherman’s, and the quality of their products and I have been in love ever since. Oh yeah, and the people are nice too!!!

Roosevelt, from Wadsworth


I have moved to Elyria, but I can’t find a store like Sherman Provision. It is worth it to me to drive to Norton for my shopping. The prices are amazing, and the quality can’t be beat.


Christine, from Elyria