Pureed Tomatoes

Stuffed Peppers

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  I am very blessed to still have my Mom with me.  I know this is a very nostalgic time for many of you.  Many of you no longer have your Mom.  Some of you may have even lost your Mom this last year.  I’ll bet you have fond memories of a special meal your Mom used to make for your family.  Stuffed Peppers is a meal I will always remember my Mom making.  The peppers were always fresh from our garden.  Nothing I make can compare with Mom’s Stuffed Peppers.  I don’t think Mom used a recipe.  She just knew what to add to the mix.  Here is my rendition.  I hope you enjoy it.  Make sure to give Mom some extra love this week.

Stuffed Peppers

10 fresh peppers, tops cut off, inside seeds cleaned out (sweet peppers, hot peppers medium hot peppers, red peppers, orange peppers, green peppers–you choose)

3 pounds of extra lean ground beef (Available at your local meat market)

1 package Checkerboard Meatloaf Mix (Available at your local butcher shop

1 package Fant Stuffed Pepper mix (Available at your local meat market)

3/4 cup rice

1 cup of water

2 cans of Pureed Tomatoes

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Mix everything except the Pureed Tomatoes and peppers in a large bowl. When everything is thoroughly mixed, stuff the peppers and place them in the bottom of a large roaster pan or baking dish that has a cover. Pour the Pureed Tomatoes over the stuffed peppers. Cover and bake for about 3 hours.

Boil and mash about 4 pounds of potatoes.

Dip the potatoes on the plate, cover with the stuffed pepper and sauce. You will thoroughly enjoy this.

Until next time…From our Butcher Block to your Table.

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What’s For Dinner?

I realize I hae been absent from the Blog world for awhile.  I went from Christmas to Mauri-1New Year’s to Orthodox Christmas.  Then I was brain dead, and didn’t feel I could contribute anything worthwhile.  Another problem is that I haven’t been cooking.  I know many of you are shocked; However, my freezer was so full from past meals that I needed to bring out the “surprise” meals so I could fit the ice cream into the freezer.  I know, too much information.  Is anyone else like me?  When I put the meals in the freezer, I am certain I will know the contents so I don’t label them.  How crazy is that?  When the Butcher asks what we are having for dinner and I answer I don’t know, I am being totally honest.  I can’t identify what I have taken out of the freezer so it will be a surprise to both of us.  Well, I have to tell you about some of my successes.  I had cooked a large pot of Roast Beef Stew.  It had potatoes, carrots, onions and lots of meat.  I froze several containers of it.  I could identify this and I decided to make beef stew with dumplings for dinner.  I thawed the Beef Stew.  I was a little skeptical about the frozen potatoes, but if there is one thing you know about the Butcher’s Wife, I don’t like to waste food.  I put the stew in a roaster pan, and made a little extra broth with my beef broth starter.  I had this on medium to get it heated up and to bring the stew to a boil.  Then I made my dumplings.


1 1/2 cups flour

2 Tablespoons Butter

2 teaspoons baking powder

3/4 teaspoon salt

3/4 cup of milk

Cut butter into flour, baking powder and salt with a fork (mixture will resemble fine crumbs).  Stir in milk.  Drop dough by spoonfuls onto boiling stew. Turn burner to low.  Cook covered 10 minutes, and then uncover and cook for an additional 10 minutes.

Let me tell you, this was delicious.

For another meal this week I thawed out  soup I had made with sausage and noodles (a previous blog).  Didn’t have a clue what it was when I pulled it out of the freezer.  It was delicious as well.

I told the Butcher we were having Barbeque beef sandwiches tonight.  I thought I had thawed out cooked Roast Beef.  Turns out it was browned ground beef with onions.  I added frozen sliced mushrooms, Italian Seasoning, Garlic and 2 cans of pureed tomatoes.  It is now cooking in my crockpot for dinner tonight.  The Butcher will be pleasantly surprised.  Spaghetti is one of his favorites.

Until next time…From our Butcher Block (or Freezer, as the case may be) to your Table.

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